Burger King Executive Summary

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• Whereas, Burger King Strategy focus on consumer segment in regards of formulating their process strategies and investing capital in adding the number of restaurants in the world.
• Starbucks usually focus on joint ventures and licensing with their consumer product business partners (Mukherjee & Shivani, 2013).
Physical Evidence
• Although, Sweetgreen has about 50 to 60 restaurants all over the USA, but the company has maintained to increase its popularity among its potential consumers. Being a new company in the competitive market, it is one of the biggest achievements for the company to uphold its position in the hospitality sector.
Burger King, situated in rural Miami, Florida, works more than 11,900 eateries in each of the 50 states
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The competitive market of hospitality industry requires company to select appropriate pricing strategy option to enhance the competitiveness of the company.
Apply Length-Of-Stay Restrictions and Price Appropriately
Numerous information reports offer understanding into how contenders set rates over diverse lengths of remain (Huang & Rundle-Thiele, 2014). Sweetgreen ought to give careful consideration to their pricing strategies and ensure they are contending on comparative levels. For example, when changing rates for length-of-stay necessities, screen how the aggressive set has balanced their rates.
Ensure the Assessment of Competitors’ Pricing Is Comprehensive
There is a whole other world to take a gander at than basically what rate the aggressive set is charging. It is important for Sweetgreen to evaluate the external impacts that would influence the economic situations of the company for example, weather, booking lead time and festivals. Contenders could have numerous rates and it is imperative to take a gander at the different rate structures, for example, refundable versus non-refundable and rates for the diverse room sorts and distinctive luxuries. Essentially, it comes down to contrasting one type with its logical counterpart when conforming rate taking into account contenders ' techniques (Huang & Rundle-Thiele,
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People living in the UK are already well-aware of the services and working pattern of the company by means of social media. However, it would be appropriate for the company to focus on promoting their services all over the UK so is to increase the chance of business opportunities in the UK. Apart from social media, it would be appropriate for the company to focus on different musical events likewise their USA promotion to attract consumers in the UK. These musical events would further help the company to enhance the effectiveness of their marketing campaign and to increase the area of their knowledge among people (Polo-Peña, et al.,
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