Marketing Strategy: Case Study Of Burberry

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Executive Summary: This report on Burberry is based on the examination made on their current condition through primary, secondary, the marketing environment and competitor analysis. All these factors have been taken into consideration while proposing the strategies made in this report. Therefore, to summarize the key factors would include an in depth study of the target consumer that they should cater to and apply the marketing mix in an effective way.

“The very name Burberry may reek of tradition and those timeless standards of quality that the British do best, but the company has, since its founding, been a real force for innovation—as the motto Prorsum (Latin for “forward”), on its knight-and-horse logo, bears witness.” (,
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Burberry needs to keep an eye on inflation as it might effect on the buying capacity of the comapany.
This includes population demographics, income distribution, lifestyle, consumerism and social mobility. As Burberry identifies its image as “Britishness” and it’s legacy which makes it ever so popular among the people.
This includes new developments, speed of technology transfer and rates of obsolescence. Burberry is the first luxury brand that had a 3D fashion show where consumers could buy products directly from the catwalk. They also introduced a social networking website like
Includes environmental protection laws, waste disposal and energy consumption. Burberry focused on diverting waste from landfills. Their recycling partner has converted raw materials and waste into car door insulation.
Includes competition Law, employment law and product safety. Burberry faced a problem of copycats, which trespassed it’s trademark.
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Burberry believes that it’s products should be made in factories that comply local labour and environmental laws. It.includes a part of its ethical trading policy, to ensure a living wage to all paid workers. Thus, improves their production process and worker management relationships.
People in general view Burberry to be trendy brand yet luxurious. Epitomises british

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