Marketing Strategy: Coca-Cola And Microsoft

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Marketing strategy It is impossible to compare small businesses with big corporations as Coca-Cola or Microsoft, but there is an opportunity to be inspired by those companies. The big corporations test out new ideas in big scale (nationally or worldwide), and then small companies adopt the new ways or strategies that proved worthwhile. Because of this marketing process, insight often comes to small businesses after enough time. Let us take a closer look on new marketing ideas that are proven, but still fresh. In addition, they are fresh enough to keep the company in the game but also to put the business ahead. We know that everything starts with good marketing strategy. The strategy is the goal for increasing sales and driving a sustainable…show more content…
Without one, your efforts to attract customers are likely to be inefficient. The focus of any company strategy should be, making sure that your products or services meet customers need and develop long-term relationship between you and customer. The long-term relationship brings to the company needed profit and to the customer the satisfaction. As a company you have to be also flexible in the term of strategy because you have to respond to changes in customer perception and request. It might also help to identify whole new markets that you can successfully target. The purpose of any marketing strategy should be to identify the benefits of your business, and offer those benefits later on to your target market/audience. Also is good to mention that every time you speak to someone about your business you are involved in marketing. Even a conversation about your company is a good opportunity to promotion which can increase the sales. Last but not least, the marketing strategy will help you to be focused. In conclusion it will also show the different ways how to talk to your customers and how to concentrate on the most worth it ones. For making strategy to work we have to know who we are as a business and who is our…show more content…
However there is not stronger tendency from their side for competition or challenge. If we would compare the Trend with other world competitors, they will be just a small fish in really big fish pond. The reason why we know that marketing strategy is so important is because it helps to make right mix of marketing approaches and to bring the sales and the marketing activities together in an effective marketing plan. This goal can be achieved in many different ways and forms as advertising, exhibitions, public relations, activity on Internet and by creating an effective point of sale strategy. It is actually good to be focused just on limited number of activities and methods which you think might work best for you and your business. To put money in every method or activity would be very expensive but also inefficient because your tries will not be visible enough because of so much going on in the marketing arena today. We can see that everybody is at some point struggling to keep up. At the same time, every marketing professional should feel pressure to be more progressive and active. However it is not about how many methods will use but how effective

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