Types Of Marketing Strategies

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Marketing strategies are processes that are made to take advantage over your competitors, this is done by using different resources and maximize your market. We can also describe them as a process of communication with our customers in which we make knowledgeable about the different advantages that our products and services.

And we can say that a marketing strategy is a way to inform your customers about your offers or simply to emphasize the quality of product and / or service that you offer in order to increase your sales, and your aim should be generate sales for your business.

Types of marketing strategies

Companies use various general marketing strategies, but these strategies have to be applied correctly to know them and know what
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Marketing for action

Taking action is very important part in the coming marketing is widely used on the Internet in the form of banners, graphic content, videos and others. This type of marketing is divided into different types that are likely to be widely used to promote business worldwide.

Marketing close reach: it is also known as marketing strategy approach. This type of strategy used the help of Bluetooth technology and Wi-Fi to promote their products and services on a local network.
Marketing-type cloud: this type of marketing strategy is based entirely with the internet where active internet resources are transferred from one individual to another, so that those who are interested in the content it can improve, modify, use and share.
Community Marketing: The purpose of this marketing strategy is to increase the trust and loyalty of existing customers and thus makes them to help them promote their products and services to the public. The biggest advantage of this strategy is greater customer satisfaction. This marketing strategy has a rule, customers are satisfied tell 10 other people about your good service and / or good product but customers who are dissatisfied 100 people will tell more about your experience. So companies using this strategy to send specific offers to their former customers to create greater loyalty to your company.
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These types of content backdoor contain links which direct these visitors to the page of our business.
Transfer media marketing: This strategy uses different channels and platforms for our products and services. These platforms vary in emails, newsletters or other types of websites such as Facebook and twitter.
Database marketing: This strategy uses information from different databases of customers and / or consumers to create an effective communication medium through which we give to know our customers about our products and / or services.
Direct Marketing: This type of strategy can be done in many different ways which include: emails, text messages, advertising leaflets, flyers, which can effectively summarize the message that we share with our customers is a very effective strategy It helps us increase our
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