Case Study Of Eat And Chat Restaurant

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4.1.4 Warranty

For the warranty part, Eat & Chat Restaurant will make sure their food is safe to eat and delicious. They will also make sure the freshness of the food. If customers found that the food was spoilage, customers can get the free meals as the compensation. Eat & Chat will apply the certificate of restaurant cleanliness and get the Grade A. This is to make sure the restaurant is clean and safe to enjoy the meals.

4.1.5 Packaging

Eat & Chat Restaurant uses the plastic food containers that can reuse and recycle if customers want to take away. Minister of Health stated that any restaurant cannot use the polyester containers completely. In fact, all of the restaurants have to follow the rules and regulations that have been set by
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Our objective is to make the product and service into maximum sales growth. Company set low prices to achieve high unit sales in order to achieve lower unit costs and higher long-term profits. This is also known as market penetration pricing. Therefore, Eat & Chat Restaurant will set the price into lower price with the delicious food to attract more MMU student come to restaurant.
Determining demand is the second step of the pricing strategy. Each price leads to a different level of demand and therefore has a different impact on the company's marketing objectives. According to the research, it stated that the higher price of the product will reduce the demand curve. However, the consumer will think the product is inferior, because of the cheaper price. Instead, consumers are willing to buy food that looks very delicious, regardless of how much the price. Thus, Eat & Chat Restaurant will not set the price of the product too low or too high. They will always improve their food quality even if their price is reasonable. In order to estimate the demand of foods and drinks, Eat & Chat use different methods such as Facebook review, ask the comment or suggestion of customers after they finished the foods to analyse. In doing the survey, Eat & Chat Restaurant will clearly know the comment and get the feedback from the real situation. From these reviews, Eat & Chat will improve their foods and services
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They operates their business in retail store which in Bukit Beruang. Customers can easily buy and consume their food in the retail store. The restaurant are strategically located around many industry. During working hours, there are a lot of working people and students come to serve their lunch and dinner.
Eat and Chats restaurant will motivate their employees using the reward strategy. They will encourage their employees when they gaining higher profit, to give rewards to those who always provide good customer service.
The criteria for assessing distributors include average inventory levels, customer delivery times, treatment of damage and loss compensation, and cooperation in promotional and training programs. Each distributor is required to perform well in the above criteria. To ensure that high heels succeed in reaching the customer and that the customer is satisfied with the service provided. This is also to ensure that each distributor has a consistent evaluation system.


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