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Name - Mayank Saxena Case write up: Louis Vuitton Executive Summary Louis Vuitton’s (LV) major source of revenue was Fashion and leather goods which was 35% as compared to other products and 20% of this revenue came from Japan, undoubtedly a strong hold in the Japanese markets, with that being said, there are a lot many opportunities for LV to exploit in terms of new and emerging markets like China and India, which have a lot of untapped potential. They can expand their market segment by targeting the middle class and upper middle class bracket, and diversify their target audience i.e. women by introducing clothing for men and children. The key to deal with the current situation of LV would be to reduce dependency on Japanese markets and…show more content…
This will reduce the cost of production while also keep the quality of the product intact. The less costly products will help broaden the consumer group. On the other hand, for the high income bracket, produce absolute artisan-made products which will be exclusive and hence also cater to the class and position conscious customers since they will be using the artisan made products and hence the limited edition ones. Louis Vuitton is focusing mainly on women. It should launch product lines for other consumer segments too, like for men and…show more content…
This will give them a feeling of being the preferred ones even while the company expands in the middle income group and hence the idea of luxury fashion brand and exclusivity of the products will also be maintained. Expose to range of amazing products with just a click is every consumer dream. Louis Vuitton can make the most of this opportunity by taking its business online and can reach out to million customers with ease with a new designer product or an out of the blue heavy sale. Also launch an email marketing campaign: Email messages provide customers with an easy, direct way to interact with your company; they can simply click a link to immediately learn more or make a purchase. With the basic Newsletter Broadcast included in your package, you can build and deploy emails to up to 100 customers in three easy steps. To reduce the dependency on Japanese market, LV should enter new and emerging markets like the Asian market, typically India and China. As a part of its promotional strategy, it should sign contracts with the prominent public figures in these countries for marketing and promotions so as to enable customers to connect with the company and its

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