Marketing Strategy: Marketing Mix For Hypervenom

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Marketing Mix for HyperVenom
This product is developed by taking key valuable inputs from football stars and extensive ergonomic studies in its research labs. Nike has followed a product concept pertaining to HyperVenom where it stressed on providing consumers with performance, style and innovative features like mesh fabric. Its outer body is made of the new innovative NIKESKIN it is augmented by All Conditions Control technology (ACC) to provide the same level of foot-to-ball control in both wet and dry conditions. Nike worked with some of the world’s top podiatrists (physicians specializing in foot problems).
In addition to this there is a provision for customization of their shoe range online. It provides for warranty for a year for all their products and provides for replacement in case of any manufacturing defect.
Most of the major product lines cater to the high-end consumer market with high disposable incomes and very specific needs. Thus their pricing strategy has always been to provide value at relatively higher cost leading for the company to gain maximum profitability. HyperVenom is also priced higher than its peer competitor product of Adidas Predator.
Its retail products are sold at NikeTowns, Nike Showrooms, malls and online. With the global coverage and already existing wide range of distribution channels of Nike, HyperVenom doesn’t require any specific infrastructure to be setup. Nike’s distribution channels:


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