Marketing Strategy Of Coca-Cola

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The objective of this project is to give overview of the marketing strategy of “coca cola” company to provide a wide selection of the ready to drink beverages to potential consumer in pakistan in local market.Analysis was carried out in local market of beverages on the basis of size and growth, covering different segments that are potential customer of beverages.
It provides overview of the company and the product, internal and external environment,market mix and market and competitior analysis.

 International:
Coca-Cola laid the foundation of the beverage industry when it was formed in May 1886 in Atlanta. However it was not until 1895 that the idea of selling coke in bottles was introduced.
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It is operating in + 200 countries worldwide across 6 operating regions: Eurasia & Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America, Pacific and Bottling Investments.
 Pakistan:
Soon after the country’s independence in 1947, Coca-Cola came to Pakistan in 1953. Like in every other country where it operates, the Coca-Cola business in Pakistan is a local business. The beverages are produced locally, providing employment to Pakistani citizens, and the product range and marketing reflects Pakistani tastes and lifestyle.
After the introduction of Coca-Cola, Fanta was introduced in 1965, Sprite was introduced in 1972, and after a gap of 30 years, Diet Coke and Fanta Lemon were introduced in 2001. Currently, Coca-Cola beverages are produced and sold in Pakistan via the company’s own bottling plants which operate under Coca-ColaBeverages Pakistan Ltd. (CCBPL). A local service office, Coca-Cola Pakistan, focuses on marketing the Company’s brands locally.
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 External Business Environment:
The external environment and its influences are usually alarming and can affect the companies and the over all economy. Changes in te external environment can create the the threat or some times opportunities in the market place Coca-Cola must aware off. Fluctuation in the economy changing in customers attitudes and preferences and the demographic factors heavily influences the success of Cocs-Cola products in the local market and over all.

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