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Currently occupying the status of largest pizza chain worldwide and second-largest pizza chain in the United States (following Pizza Hut), Domino’s Pizza is a model for business growth and smart-media strategy planning. Despite the size of the company today, Domino’s Pizza foundation can be traced back to Michigan in 1960, when it was purchased by brothers Tom and James Monaghan as a small store. The Monaghan’s purchased the pizza place, originally named Dominick’s pizza, with the plan to contribute equally to the work demands, but shortly afterwards James traded his share of the business to his brother. The company’s original logo, three dots, was a reflection of the three store locations that Tom Monaghan gradually opened in
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Initially the company’s business plan concentrated on two factors, delivery and efficiency of streamlined processes, but at the expense of quality. It was the focus on delivery, in particular, that gave the company an advantage to compete and rise in the market, facilitating the spread of the brand, widening the consumer reach, and contributing to higher profits. Thereafter, the transformation of the brand name to “Domino’s Pizza” was incorporated in 1965. Moreover, by 2000, Domino’s Pizza had achieved a significant international presence with over 6,500 stores around the world and an over 3 billion dollar sales record. The pizza company thrived with its devotion to innovation, always endeavoring to find techniques that would not only boost efficiency but also make prices more attractive to the customers. In addition, the company’s popularity increased with the numerous media strategies that were adopted in the process of brand development; one such strategy was the 1970’s ad campaign “30 minutes or less” which proved appealing to fans of the fast-food sector. A more recent innovation, which also was launched in 2008 and contributed to the success of the company, was the “Pizza Tracker” – an online service that allowed customers to keep track of their…show more content…
Consumers making other choices than Domino’s pizza will have high consequences when choosing an alternative brand. Also, Dominos is considered a transformational attitude, which is a positive motivation. Consumers will have a positive motive to choose Dominos and have their pizza because of how they are trying to associate their brand with the Simpson’s characters. The Simpsons characters are the cool and fun characters that their audience will try to associate themselves with them. Thus, having a pizza from Dominos will make the customer feel good about himself/herself by fulfilling their hunger and building a link with the Simpson’s characters. In addition, Domino’s target market is between the ages of 18 to 24. This target market is considered the best fit for a program such as ‘The Simpsons’ because it fits well with their target audience, which are 18 to 35. Dominos pizza identified their target market by going through four main variables in selecting the target market, Demographic, Psychographic, Geographic, and Behavioral. With Demographic, they identify their target market by age, which in their case is between the ages of 18 to 24. This age group is the most appropriate one as it is mainly university students, who do not have time to make their own food. No specific genders were considered in that target market as they were trying to attract any gender

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