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Global marketing is the process of abstracting and then conveying a final product or service worldwide with the hopes of reaching the international marketing community. Appropriate global marketing has the capability of raising a company to the next level, if it’s done properly. Distinctive strategies are applied based on the area the company is marketing to. For example, the menu at McDonald's differs based on the location of the restaurant. The company focuses on marketing popular items within the country. Global marketing is especially important to companies that provide products or services that have a universal demand such as automobiles and food.
With in the Large McDonalds Restaurant Globalisation has
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Global Branding identifies the relative attractiveness of each market for McDonalds, by conducting usage studies in each country in which they consider entering. In 2015 Global Branding showed its positive affect when Forbes documented McDonalds as the worlds 9th most valuable brand. SW Londoner had also reported that 88% of people surveyed were able to distinguish the golden arches logo, compared to a 54% of people being able to name the shows. This displays an incredible achievement for McDonalds Global Branding…show more content…
For example, McDonalds sell 2.5 million Big Macs a day globally ( major impacts of globalisation to Marketing management). While McDonald’s endeavours to provide comparatively consistent products across all Global markets, Globalisation also impacts marketing management. The company does this by acknowledging that throughout the world there are unique cultural tastes. While McDonald’s provides a standard name, logo, operation processes and most menu items, there are local alterations. In adjusting certain products, McDonald’s is in a better position to meet the needs of its customers in a global market.
McDonald’s offers customisation, for example the inclusion of beer on its menu in European countries such as France, Germany and Portugal. Additionally, where the national cuisine is distinctly different, flavour modifications are made; for example the Aloo wrap in India or the Teriyaki Mac Burger in Japan. This new approach allows for more authentic customisation rather than choice being limited to the size and type of drink and side that a customer has to accompany their burger. Unique tastes and customer desires are made through Globalisation enabling customisation to happen.

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