Marketing Strategy Of Nokia

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RED BULL – Success story
NOKIA – Failure story

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Marketing strategy simply refers to the generic path to be followed in order to achieve a specific business objective. A well structured and developed strategy simplifies the everyday marketing job for any business making the implementation of different initiatives straight forward.
Marketing strategy helps a company to identify the tools it can effectively use to gain advantage over its competitor and increase the market share. Marketing strategy therefore essentially translates the company’s vision, mission and objectives into Marketing initiatives. It looks into all areas of a company’s selling activities and assists each one to support the next, ensuring that all departments are well aware of what each one is doing.


In the below assignment, we are trying to go in depth, analysing the marketing strategy used by two companies, namely Redbull and Nokia. Redbull is a company that have achieved greater heights by the implementation of a well developed marketing strategy while Nokia has failed in doing so and has declining market shares.

Why did Nokia’s marketing strategy fail?
By 2013, Nokia had provided employment to roughly 100,000 people across the globe, having established sales in more than 150 countries and

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