Marketing Strategy: Red Bull's Energy Drink

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A brief: Back in 1987 in Austria Dietrich Mateschitz started a new company, Red Bull to produce an energy drink, this energy drink is based on some ancient Far East drinks. Red Bull became the most sold drink in 2014, with more than 5.6 billion cans in more than 167 countries around the world. Red Bull, and as a part of it support for it’s slogan as an energy drink has initiated Red Bull support for extreme sports such as x-bike, sky diving and the world record free fall jump from the edge of the earth by Felix Baumgartner. Internatiolasation rationale: Red Bull waited two years to initiate the it’s internationalization process, to start that process from Asia in particular from Singapore -1989, after achieving success in Singapore the…show more content…
Red Bull uses progressive marketing strategy, this strategy aims to evolve and develop the brand. This strategy allows Red Bull to engage with customers by using new and exciting channels of communication like social media, the social media has turn into a basic marketing tool for the organizations. Its expanding popularity since most of the people have those social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Especially with youthful people, has had a gigantic effect on current marketing methods. Advanced and social media battles are fundamental to Red Bull's marketing technique. This contextual investigation shows how Red Bull, the maker of the world's top rated energy drink, utilizes a scope of inventive limited time methods to enhance the procedure of correspondence and drive customer engagement and…show more content…
2. Place: It is easy to obtain the drink from almost any grocery store, super market and hyper market, so it is very easy for the customer to grab it from any near place. It is handy. 3. Price: From the market we can easily see that the pricing of the drink is a little bit higher than the most competitors, but the consumer will pay more for a premium drink and a quality product so it is clearly reflected on the company since it is the biggest seller for energy drinks. 4. Promotion: Promotion is the most interesting part in Red Bull marketing mix strategy, it has ben so innovative especially with it’s slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”, this slogan gives the consumers the feeling that it will push their boundaries and give them the ability to do more and more than usual, and that is what the energy drink is useful for. Brand repositioning: The brand positioning usually comes out from the product benefit: Red Bull vitalizes body and mind This statement become to be the base of the personality of the red bull products, as red bull give’s the consumer the following benefits: -
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