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Opportunities are defined as the situation or occasion that makes it possible to do something that you want to do or the possibility of doing something. Price has always been an important element of the marketing mix but in retailing the importance is even more significant considering that on average the margins are around the 1% of net sales (Bolton et al., 2006). In the light of this, price is fundamentally linked to the concept of promotion and competitors are frequently surrounded by an environment of price wars. Although aggressive promotions can be the consequence of price conscious customers as a result of the financial crisis it is also a dangerous strategy if TESCO want to preserve the core purpose of the company. Furthermore if there…show more content…
online purchases are also becoming popular among the society because it’s easy and fast and the most important point is that it can save time. In addition, doing online business customer will do more purchasing at TESCO, especially house wife. Therefore, TESCO must take this opportunity to exploit their business through online in order to capture the market and gain profit. This is also one way to attract the customers because, customers like to do online purchasing as their own leisure time can be saved. This way they can fulfil their customer’s satisfaction and gain profit at the same time. In addition TESCO will gain more revenue.
There are opportunities for strategic alliances with other brands and admired companies to offer more products or attract more consumers in certain target markets. TESCO can alliances with branded of companies to sell more products. In can be increase the sales of TESCO and revenue. Other than that, TESCO can attract more people because customer have many choices in TESCO.
In state where TESCO may be underperforming, there could be find opportunities for joint ventures in which the local company whereby they can help in market research and market intelligence to improve performance in those areas. For an example, in Kuching TESCO can join venture with the local market like UNACO that performing good in order to expand
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However this can be said is also one of the strategy to attract consumers attraction toward their company and also product. TESCO provides sponsorship which means that supporting a special event or a cause either financially or materially. They are such as computers for schools given or supported by TESCO. TESCO sponsorship opportunities includes Arts, Charities and causes, Education, Media, Sports and many more. There are some key principles of sponsorship by TESCO which are gaining publicity, creating entertainment opportunities, fostering favourable brand and company associations, improving Community relations and also creating promotional opportunities. TESCO can merge with other competitor of market such as Giant or AEON to dominate the market. By merge with these competitor, TESCO can concern and increased their branch. Other than that, TESCO can sell many products and at the same time can attract more is easy for customer to purchase at the one place. Besides that, it can reduce the competitor market. This will bring massive changes in their profit and

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