Assignment 1: A Case Study Of Volkswagen's Business Strategy

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Introduction to Volkswagen
The Volkswagen Group is a leading German multinational automobile manufacturing company with their main headquarter situated in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany. It is one of the largest automobile companies in the world in terms of the number of vehicles production sold on an annual basis and also the largest valuable carmaker in Europe. As of 2016, The Volkswagen group had reached the companies’ history milestone with delivering over €10.3 million vehicles to customers worldwide, a rise of 3.8% in comparison with 2015 sales figure. (Volkwagenag, 2017) They currently employ 610,000 people making them one of the largest employers in Europe.
They had been known to achieve worldwide global recognition for its reliability
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Their main objectives to be the most innovative volume carmaker while acting responsibility for future generations and making it quality accessible to many people while additionally demonstrating an attractive price performance policy; the outcome, investments and expansion into the future innovations and developments.
Knowing that there will be a lot of competitions, there are two big carmakers with similar ambitions, Toyota and General Motors. Volkswagen has to keep leveraging their business model, to develop, construct, and produce cars and above all, satisfied the customers’ requirements. “They will only buy another Volkswagen brand if they are satisfied”, that will mean producing cars in different region, such as the Chinese market, the Mexican market and the US market. Volkswagen travels a lot to different markets to try out their cars in specific countries such as Russia, China, the US, Japan and other countries respectively. China is an important market due to their sheer size of their economy. They have to build a lot more glamour into their vehicles, customising softer seats and give their cars a new face-lift with a wave of advanced technology innovations. They build bigger cars because Chinese people want bigger cars. They have to satisfied customers demands” . (Martin
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