Marketing Strategy Of Zara

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Basically Zara is assumed as a bestselling Spanish brand for clothing that was originated by Amancio Ortega Gaona and Rosalia Mera in 1975. The parent company of Zara is INDITEX, which is considered amongst the biggest fashion retailer brand. Inditex and Zara are found in 86 countries of the world along with 1763 outlets worldwide. Since Inditex is the biggest brand therefore, it means that it includes further 8 other brands named as Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear, Bershka, Stardivarius, Oyscho, Zara Home and Uterque (Gremme, 2015). Considering the case study that has a main focus on Zara only therefore, the discussion will be on Zara only. Zara offers a broad range of clothing for all three segments; women, men, and kids. Hence, these segments…show more content…
Gap Inc. was established in 1969 and is the world’s biggest expert clothing retailer with 3,053 in 5 countries worldwide. It is a holding company, which sells clothing, personal care products, accessories and other numerous brands. Gap also outsource its product from 1100 vendors located I United States of America and from abroad (Chu, 2012). The internationalisation process of Gap Inc. is being fixated around certain countries like the UK, Canada, France and Japan. Gap Inc. has also been expanded in the Asia and Middle East and its international sales accounted for 15 percent of the company’s total income by the 4th quarter of 200. Own subsidiaries have always been the mode of entry approved to operate in the host market (Ko, 2013). Competitive Strategy of H &…show more content…
It was developed in 1947. H&M has a wide product range for men, women, and kids. H&M caters urban casual wear, fashionable, and practical designs to customer. They have a vision to value for the money with respect to pricing strategy. Furthermore, the distribution of the products of H&M is done with respect to two retail outlets present in Sweden. Therefore, the technique for promotion is operated by website of company and through social media along with integration of famous designers like Stella McCartney, and Karl Lagerfield (Xing,

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