Marketing Strategy: Questions: Sales Planning And Operations

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Sales Planning and Operations Unit 20 Mariyam Shiyama Contents Task -1 Develop a sales plan for a product or service (P 4.1) Task - 2 Explain how personal selling supports the promotion mix. (P1.1) 2. Compare buyer behavior and the decision making process in different situations. (P1.2) 3. Analyze the role of sales teams within marketing strategy. (P1.3) 4. Explain how sales strategies are developed in line with corporate objectives. (P3.1) 5. Explain the importance of recruitment and selection procedures. (P3.2) 6. Evaluate the role of motivation, remuneration and training in sales management. (P3.3) 7. Explain how sales management organizes sales activity and control sales output. (P3.4) 8. Explain the use of databases in effective sales…show more content…
In order to be sustained in the growing market, Ensis has been introducing variety of innovative products. Some includes, flavored canned tunas, Fish chips, Chilli sauces & Mango Pickles etc. Ensis always looks forwards for new opportunities for the business expansion by introducing new product ranges along with the right strategies. For a business to go successful, it is extremely important to understand and target to the right market. To support this strategy, Ensis always closely monitors their customer base and preferences and based on them integrates strategies to support the plans. To analyze the right market, Ensis examines different types of consumers, their buying behaviors & trends by conducting various surveys and customer feedbacks. Ensis can also target to demographic segments such as Age, Location and life styles of the consumers as well. Since now most of the people are always occupied with busy schedules, they would likely opt for the most convenient options while shopping. Hence, for this segment, Ensis can introduce packed ready to eat meals and curry cans etc. Since Ensis is focusing business expansion internationally, they recently have participated & successfully completed an international food festival at Boston as well. This has led to create awareness of the organization and…show more content…
Eg: The roles of sales team of Ensis: the sales team of Ensis mainly plays the roles in making a good customer relationship at different ways like they behave attitudes, characteristics and manner. Then the sales team plays the role in making a good network and a good relationship with retailers who frequently provide the order for Tuna fish. Sales team of Ensis also plays the role in case of providing information from organization and receiving information from Sales agents and thus they provide information to management to take the further decision for a better marketing strategy of that organization. Eg: Ensis appointed a managers for each department and there is manager for sales as well. Here the manager will play role in sales development, Manger also will work as a promoter and marketing the business. The most important role of manager is to motivate customers with different package. On the other hand sale assistant plays role in collecting information from market and delivering them to manager. Sales assistant will also play role in overseeing the needs and requirements from bringing the customers in agency to the end of the travel. Also there is a monthly target for sales team to increase the sales revenue by finding new customer contacts from local and international. At the same time their responsibility is to make ensure that the existing customers will retain with company by providing the product with high quality and deliver the orders on time. To reach the

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