Marketing Case Study: Samsung's Mobile Phones

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Samsung Galaxy S4 The product which I have been consuming is Samsung’s mobile phones. Presently I am having Galaxy S4. It is an impressive smart phone and it goes with my personality. I had purchased Samsung Galaxy S4 because of many features that fulfilled my requirement. Today everything is brand oriented. Before buying any product first we see the brand and then we buy the product. Some product is brought only because it has a brand name in the market and has goodwill in the market. Company Profile – Samsung Samsung was founded by Byung-Chull Lee on March 1, 1938 as a trading firm. In that the firm sells dried Korean fish, vegetables and fruit to Manchuria and Beijing. It started its business from a small export business in Taegu, Korea. Today Samsung has become one of the world 's leading…show more content…
7) LED Lightning 8) Security and Monitoring Consumer decision making process:- 1.) Problem Recognition – The process of buying starts when a need for any product arises through internal or external stimuli. Internal stimulus includes person’s need, wish, desire, etc. while external stimulus includes maintain his/her standard of living, getting admired by seeing in his friend’s hand. 2.) Information Search – Here the person starts searching the information related to the product. The information sources includes: a.) Personal – friends, family members, colleagues, etc. b.) Experiential – usage, examining, existing users, etc. c.) Commercial – advertisements, displays, etc. d.) Public – Feedback, news, media, etc. 3.) Evaluation of alternatives – Now the various alternatives i.e, different companies have to be considered and evaluation has to be done on basis of different attributes. For example: • Hotels – locations, sanitation, atmosphere, etc. • Tires – safety, price, quality, grip, etc. • Mobile phones – display, specifications, price,

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