Marketing Strategy: Samsung Strategy, And Threats

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THREATS 1. Apple’s reputation seems to be growing in US for its quality, reliability and is emerging as the dominant smart phone and tablet brand. 2. Apple may enter in area of more consumer products such as home appliances and can pose threat to Samsung. 3. Threats from Chinese products as they are also seeing a huge increase in market share. 4. Samsung has wide variety of products; failure of one product may also have an impact on the other and can lead to brand dilution. 5. India is a potential market; entry of foreign players is likely high. Some players like Hitachi, LG, and Sony has started gaining market share in India. BUSINESS MODEL AND SUCCESS FACTORS Samsung is surpassing other companies due to its outstanding job in the area such as technology design and branding. TECHNOLOGY Innovation has been the key for the growth of the company throughout the beginning as the founding father, had thought that the key to success is always introducing and improving the present product. Samsung has over 12000 patents highest among any other companies and all credit goes for its huge expenditure in research and development. The key contributing factor for its revenue has been the mobile and semiconductor division. Samsung dominates 98% of the market for Amoled screen. They are also the largest manufacturers in LCD panels since 2006. The company made US$ 305 billion in 2014 which to compare is apple made US$ 183 billion and google US$ 66 billion respectively. Samsung has great

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