Marketing Strategy: Samsung: What Is A Better Future

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Samsung is one of the largest tech businesses by revenue. In an addition to this, Samsung is also listed as the seventh most valuable brand today. They are a prestige business in a community of both intellectual and creative individuals. They strive for a better living quality for their consumer’s conveniences, by bringing and envisioning a better future. They maintain their structure by marketing strategies, aiding to their consumers’ needs and being involved with the community and environment. Samsung’s motto is “inspire the world, create the future.”(About us). Otherwise known as their project Vision 2020. This is to say that Samsung is committed to create a world full of richer digital experiences, through innovative technologies and products. In coherence to this companies vision follows its mission (About us). Samsung’s mission is “to inspire the world with their new technologies, products and design that enrich the lives and contribute to social prosperity by creating a new future.”(About us).
Samsung is a group based in South Korea. Producing nearly one-fifth of Korea’s exports, it is the largest businesses in Korea (Burris). Samsung first started on March 1 in 1938, as a trading company, created by Lee byung- chull. They were a grocery store located in Taegu, Korea, where they traded and exported goods around and in the city (Burris). In 1960 Samsung began to inter into the electronic industry. By 1970 Samsung started to produce black and white TV sets. Their

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