Vodafone Organizational Structure

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Topic: Organizational Structure within Circle Marketing division in Vodafone India
-Sunamika Srivastava (2016PGP114)

Vodafone India group has in the past changed organizational structure to enable better delivery of the group’s strategic goals. The organization is designed to:
• Focus more attention in local markets
• Enhance the ability to provide services to corporations
• Function as an integrated company
• Simplify decision-making and increase accountability

In India, structure has been changed in the recent past to implement Vodafone’s consumer and enterprise plans more quickly and consistently, and to accelerate growth in unified communications and achieve greater efficiencies from scale. Such organizational change was supposed to improve the customer experience and help in developing commercial strategy more quickly and consistently. There is a high level of centralization.
Organizational culture
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Product managers become more productive with experience. Naturally, the most skilled product managers are given responsibilities to train new recruits, and these people become supervisors and managers in the longer run. In this way, Vodafone is able to increase its store of skills and abilities. Another advantage is peer supervision. People within a sub-department are able to keep each other’s’ activities on track; this is especially important since work is complex and heavily relies on cooperation; in such situation, supervision from above for day-to-day activities is very difficult. People who work in the same function- for example, in Usage and Retention(UnR) Voice team of marketing- work closely with each other and develop norms and values over extended periods and become more effective with execution with time. This has helped the UnR team become one of the most integrated and well-functioning teams in the

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