Marketing Values: Win-Win Scenarios Analysis

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Miranda Wiley
Professor Miguel Silvestre
Module 3: Marketing and Communication
Unit 1: Introduction to Marketing
13 November 2014
Marketing Values: Win-Win Scenarios
Marketing: the action of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.
Sports Marketing: form of marketing designed to achieve the wishes and needs of sports consumers through different exchange processes.
Win-win scenario: marketing is an earnest, healthy practice, and that the result of good marketing is a win-win scenario for everyone: consumer, market and company.
Corporate social responsibility: marketing characterized by ethics and values where a company takes responsibility for its effects on the environment and impact on society.
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Nike is ranked one of the top environmental organizations for climate-friendly companies. Nike engages in corporate social responsibility with many sustainable innovations such as using waste for good, get moving, reuse a shoe, the girl effect, raising the bar for factories code of conduct, and a water…show more content…
Nike pays top athletes to use their products to promote and advertise. Nike makes the athlete the face of the specific sport they play; for example Michael Jordan with basketball, Tiger Woods with Golf, and Michael Vick with football. The athletes become an icon in the public eye and a symbol of the sport they represent. Nike has had several of its top endorsed athletes become negative influences in society based on personal decisions presented in the media. Some of the major scandals were Tiger Woods, Michael Vick, Marion Jones, Alex Roqriquez, and Lance Armstrong. There have been other athletes that Nike has endorsed that have been given negative media attention but the focus is on these athletes because of their worldwide success within their sport. Tiger Woods had a sex scandal and when other companies were dropping their endorsements Nike came out with a controversial commercial showing Woods being questioned by his father about his decisions. Several years later when Woods had risen back to being the number one golfer in the world Nike released an advertisement stating “winning takes care of everything” with Woods in the background. Essentially Nike was saying that Woods’ behaviour and actions against his wife did not matter because he was

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