Piggy Lord Of The Flies Comparison Essay

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“We may stay here till we die.” Piggy nervously exclaimed. Piggy is a smart boy yet very insecure character. Him and Ralph are the first 2 boys mentioned in the storyline. Ralph ends up being the leader of all the boys on the island that are stranded, he is very headstrong and carefree. Piggy’s antagonist, Jack is very presumptuous and rude towards everyone except his choir boys and Ralph. In this novel, Lord of the Flies, it is very descriptive with some perplex word choice which often makes it difficult to read. This novel by, William Golding was recreated in a movie in 1963 directed by, Peter Brook. There is many similarities as there is differences in both of these sources. As the movie started there was already scenes that were very similar. One of those scenes was when Ralph wanted to just have fun because the was no parents located on…show more content…
Piggy on the other wanted wanted supervision, he was nervous that there was no parents there, he didn’t want to have fun he wanted to get stuff done so all the boys could get rescued as soon as possible. Of course Ralph took demand stripped off all of his clothes and jumped in the lagoon. Piggy had no other choice but to join him, piggy slowly unlike Ralph took his clothes one by one, he was very insecure because he didn’t look like Ralph at all, in both the movie and the novel this scene was descriptive and was shown as William Golding wrote it. As the movie carried on the group had to choose a leader of the boys the 2 boys in the vote were, Jack and Ralph. Piggy knew that everyone would choose Ralph for his looks and obscure body so he hesitated to raise his hand but in the end went with majority which declared Ralph the leader of the boys. Jack was very down and disappointed that he didn’t get chosen, this was very dramatic in the book as well as the movie. A very intense scene that really grabbed my attention was at the end of
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