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The inquiry into the improper behaviour of the Honourable George Herchmer Markland, by the Executive Council of Upper Canada continued this week, with the testimony of William Morrow on the 4 August and the testimonies of Frederick Creighton Muttlebury and Henry Hughes, as well as the reexamination of Hannah Pike and Mrs. Margaret Powell on 7 August. Morrow confirmed he brought letters from Mr. Markland to James Pearson, piper in Her Majesty’s 24th Regiment of foot who was examined on 3 August, at Bytown and Montreal. He also took a letter to Mr. Markland’s father and Pearson’s father at Kingston. Pearson’s father wrote back to Markland, but Morrow did not read this letter or any of the original letters Markland sent him to deliver. 
 Muttlebury, a young gentleman and student at Law, confirmed he knew Markland and had gone to dinner with him as well met him the following night. Upon their second meeting,…show more content…
Hughe’s also met Markland twice in his office around seven o’clock to discuss his future trade, for about 10 minutes each time. Hughes also went for two walks with Markland. Hughes admitted it was strange to be asked into Markland’s office, but testified that Markland “never said or proposed anything improper to me”, he just gave him good advice for his career.
 Pike and Powell both testified on 2 August, but were reexamined after the examination of James Pearson on 3 August. They both admit that the man they saw with Markland was not Pearson, since the young man they saw was stouter than Pearson and had much lighter hair. Pike testifies that she only thought the man was Pearson because a soldier, later identified by a girl in town namesd Betsy Brown to be Thomas Burns, said he fit the description. Pike asked Burns following her examination about a lighter hair boy and believes the young man she saw to be a bugler names Potter. 
 The Executive Council of Upper Canada has yet to find conclusive evidence into the inquiry of the questionable

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