Marks And Spencer Competitive Analysis

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In terms of controlling, the management of Marks and Spencer has frequent reporting of expenditures with costs to provide a form of feedback. The reactions of managers to such type of data rely on the expectations or the formal budget or planned targets. The management believes in collecting and assigning cost data that is being shifted away from control. There is a recognition related to the repetitive exercise of planning and re-planning for creating a full time job for accountants. The assessment and evaluation of cost data in the aspects of launching new product by Marks and Spencer is about gaining insights and learning ways for achieving the goals of organisation in most effective manner. The management of the organisation has been assisting…show more content…
In reference to Marks and Spencer, it is essential for organisation before making use of best-in-class benchmarking to measure organisational performance by analysing internal as well as external competition. It can be an integral part for improvement of organisation, however it is a fact that Marks and Spencer could not able to employ all the relevant strategies patented by competitors. But it can help in making appropriate business decisions as management will be aware of all the advantages as well as difficulties that lies in incorporating specific changes. It depicts that role of best-in-class benchmarking data play efficient role in decision making process which is dependent on the business requirements of Marks and Spencer (Shao L. P.,…show more content…
Similarly, it is also essential to assess the feasibility of the constructed business strategy to determine whether it can be implemented to new product concept development successfully or not. It depicts that for Marks and Spencer the proposed business strategies in reference to new product development must be scaled. This process is started while idea generation and financial planning as well as continue to the process of implementation. Here there are number of aspects that are necessary to take in consideration such as company should make sure can the developed business strategy be funded, organisation have the capability to meet the required level of performance in terms of products quality, store services and other. At the same time, it is also essential for Marks and Spencer to determine the marketing and management capabilities needed to maintain the achieved market and competitive position. For the assessment of business strategic feasibility company before new product development should en sure whether they have enough technological and human resources to manage business functions effectively or not. However, Marks and Spence assessed all of these aspects at the planning phase of new product line which ensured that organisation have feasibility to manage specific strategic changes effectively with respect to timing. In consideration to qualitative and quantitative aspects of strategic proposal it is evaluated that with new product and market Development Company can

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