Marks And Spencer Executive Summary

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Executive Summary
This report intent to explain an analysis of the current strategies followed by the company Marks and Spencer (M&S) from 2013. To perform this analysis various business models have been taken on consideration like SWOT, (Porters, 1985) supply chain and more.
After analysing the actual situation, future actions are recommended for M&S, like adopting a new innovative customer oriented strategy or the use of effective method of marketing segmentation which will help to target customer more efficient.
Before 2010, when Marc Bolland was appointed new CEO at Marks and Spencer, the company was defined by its reputation, following the founding principles: Quality, Service, Value, Innovation and Trust for more than 100 years
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M&S works in many different sectors (food, cloths, home, etc.) fighting against various factors and competitors. In the last years, it has fail to follow the changing trends so they are not been as competitive as before. New game changing factors have made an appearance within the industry, like the online shopping and the ever growing trends in clothing which M&S has no control over it but will help to improve against competitors.
To understand M&S an internal and an external analysis has been carried out using different business models which will help to understand the current strategic situation. A in depth evaluation of M&S changes are critical to find positive and negative tendencies.
Internal Analysis
With a strong focus on the UK retailing market, M&S launches innovative products, helping to attract and retain customers. M&S’ products are sold through its stores, which are set up in convenient locations across
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The analysis suggest a strong need to improve its strategy in relation to its primary activities, which will improve if they link each other activities. To improve performance warehouse should be trained to work more efficiently and so, improve some packaging issues they have had in previous years. Probably considering more and better use of technology will improve the service and communications externally, with customers and suppliers, and internally, within different departments, facilitating enough information to avoid
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