Marks And Spencer Marketing Strategy

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In today’s highly competitive global environment, human resource strategies play a significant role in providing the most efficient, reliable and fastest methods and approach towards managing the employees, customers and marketing strategies of an organization around the globe.
However, today’s dynamic international marketing environment has created vast opportunities for organizations but at the same time, it has brought major threats which lead to business failures. Organizations can become highly competitive through the internet where the prime role is of E-commerce. E-commerce is the revolution
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However, at the same time, there are certain negative impacts of advertising as well and Marks & Spencer needs to clearly evaluate them in order to avoid facing them. First of all, it is extremely essential for Marks & Spencer to implement its marketing strategy and plan in the organization’s processes only then advertising actions can be successful for the company in the international foreign market. (Czinkota, M. R., Ronkainen, I.A., and Moffett, M.H.2005)
The marketing plan of the Marks & Spencer should be based upon extensive research and planning so that it can expand its operations worldwide where the marketing strategy aimed to promote the following key elements to strengthen its brand image. The major brand elements are the superior quality, friendly usability, design and reliability of the
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The major success key of Marks & Spencer is that it offers superior quality and innovative products and services to its users with prime emphasis on innovation and design. The spread of this innovation will be influenced mainly by its attractiveness, quality, price, promotion, and durability. Research shows that customers make high involvement purchase decision for innovative products as it involves high risks. Moreover, Marks & Spencer would be being the first one to enter the market with highly innovative products will lead to its strong brand image building in the competitive global market. (Rodrigues,
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