Markus Zusak's The Messenger

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Readers can connect to characters in a text through their dreams and fears which are similar to their own.The Messenger is a novel written by Markus Zusak which revolves around the story of Ed Kennedy, a taxi driver who 's life is changed forever along with the people around him. This Novel has characters which can connect to the readers, through their own dreams and fears relating to that of the characters. Two characters Ed and Audrey are built around the dreams and fears of readers. Confessing your love to someone is not the easiest task and readers can relate to Ed over the progression of his love life. Ed 's dream is to be with Audrey, and his love for her is displayed brightly throughout the novel, Ed first introduces Audrey to us as the love of his life at the start of the novel :“there 's Audrey. Audrey always sits opposite me, no matter where we play. She has yellow hair, wiry legs, the most beautiful crooked smile in the world, and lovely hips, and she watches a lot of movies. She also works as a cabdriver”. Ed 's shys away from speaking to her as he fears rejection and Audrey not showing the same love he has for her back to him. Readers may relate to Ed as…show more content…
Ed dreams about achieving something and making his mother proud, which is something quite far from reality for Ed. His mother Bev constantly reminds Ed of what a failure he is and how he has achieved nothing in life over the course of the novel. Ed 's three siblings are all regarded as better than Ed, Bev shows her disappointment in Ed when she says: “You couldn 't be as good as any of them. As good as tommy even”. Ed fears he never will live up to his mothers expectations set by his siblings, so he begins to accept it and takes in all the abuse his mother gives him as he is quoted saying: "Just blame me, Ma", after he forgets to pick up a coffee table for his mother. Readers can relate to Ed through his failures in life, as disappointing your parents is something readers would try their hardest not
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