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I chose to do my biography on Marlee Matlin. I chose Marlee because I still remember watching her on Sesame Street singing with Billy Joel from when I was a child. I loved that episode because I had Deaf friends and it made me so happy to see a song in ASL. As I’ve grown up, I’ve seen Marlee on TV shows and doing interviews and watched her on Dancing with the Stars and I just adore her. She is so captivating and really funny. As I began researching this biography, I found so much information and have really learned what an interesting life Marlee leads and how many people she influences. Marlee Matlin was born on August 24th 1965 in Morton Grove Illinois. She grew up with her mom, dad and two older brothers, but Marlee was the only Deaf one…show more content…
They did a production of Wizard of Oz and Marlee would settle for nothing less than the role of Dorothy and she got it! While acting on stage, she met Henry Winkler one day who told to go for her dreams and being an actress and don’t let anyone stand in her way. And that’s just what she did. In 1987 Marlee Matlin won an Oscar for her role in the movie “Children of a Lesser God”. She was not only the youngest recipient of the award for best actress, but also the first and only Deaf Academy Award winner. She’s also won a Golden Globe and has received four Emmy nominations. But Marlee is more than just an award winner and record setter. Marlee not only has tremendous talent, but a huge heart and is involved in many charities. She is especially active with Easter Seals and Children Affected by AIDS. In Marlee’s books she addresses that she was sexually abused as a child and had been in abusive relationships as an adult and I believe that probably drives her to help children with disabilities who are taken advantage of. It also took an enormous amount of courage for her acknowledge her past abuse and be a voice for those who have
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