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Canadian amatuer golfer, Marlene Stewart Streit, is the most decorated amatuer golfer in Canadian Golf History. Her professional golf career spans more than six decades, since her start back in 1951. Marlene Stewart paved the way for Canadian female athletes during her historic run in the 1950s. Marlene Stewart won multiple golf Championships in Canada and around the World, from the very beginning of her career. She has also gained much recognition and fame in the Golf Community. Marlene Stewart was given honours and awards for her contribution to the sport Golf in Canada and representation of female athletes. Marlene Stewart Streit was born in Cereal, Alberta, on March 9 1934. Her family later moved to Ontario. At 15, Marlene frequently visited…show more content…
After her historic win at the 1953 British Ladies Amateur Championships, she was welcomed back by 15 000 people in a parade in Toronto. In the 1950s, there were only very few female golf stars, some even not well known. Marlene Stewart burst onto the golfing scene, and broke down many stereotypes that were in the golf community. People believed that female golfers did not take the sport seriously and could not compete competitively. Marlene Stewart won 19 Canadian championship titles, including provincial and national, just during her first decade of playing golf. Through becoming a well known female golfer and breaking down stereotypes on the playing field, Marlene Stewart paved the way for future professional female golfers in Canada.
Marlene Stewart was honoured with many awards and honours for her achievements as a successful female golfer and her golf wins in the 1950s. Marlene Stewart received the Canadian Athlete of the year award in 1951, 1953 and 1956. She also received the Lou Marsh award in 1951, 1956 and the Bobbi Rosenfeld Award in 1952, 1953 and 1956. Marlene Stewart was awarded the Lou Marsh Award in 1951, for her win at the Canadian Women's Open Championship, and her 1956 awards was for her win at the United States Womens Amamtuer
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Marlene Stewart was the first ever golfer and second woman to be given the Lou Marsh Award. The Bobbi Rosenfeld Award is awarded to the top Canadian athlete of the year, and it is chosen by the sports writers of the Canadian Press. Winning these awards solidified Marlene Stewart’s status as a professional Canadian female golfer and this also helped Marlene achieve more publicity. “Marlene Stewart is an inspiration to many of Canada’s female golfers.” The awards and honours received by Marlene Stewart during the 1950s, showcase her incredible golfing ability and influenced many other female athletes in

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