Marley And Me

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How would you handle a newlywed, a miscarriage, a menacing, new neighborhood, and one heart-stealing, unruly Labrador Retriever while working and providing for a family of 5? This is what John is acquiring along with the everyday life of John Grogan. He has yet to glean from everything he has decided to take upon himself. Marley and Me is a must-read, tear-jerking novel that teaches a valuable lesson that even teens today can relate to: you should never give up on something you love and care a lot for. In Marley and Me, John Grogan uses conflict to teach us that we should never give up on something we love and care a lot for. For example, John says, “A person can learn a lot from a dog, even a loopy one like ours. Marley taught me about living…show more content…
For instance, many times in cheerleading I wanted to give up because I couldn’t understand or get the moves to a dance or cheer. When learning new cheers and dances for cheerleading tryouts I thought they were way too hard for me to learn and I wanted to give up; however, I realized that I really wanted to earn a spot on the team. I pushed myself to learn everything needed for tryouts and I gave my best during tryouts. Sometimes my family pushes me to my breaking point. Whenever something happens in your personal life you shouldn’t let it come between you and your family. For instance, my cousin lets her personal life get in the way of her family. This causes much stress on older generations of the family. This is causing stress because the older generation only wants the whole family to get along with each other at all times. This issue also causes much friction between the whole family. My mother gets tired of having to hear all of her problems. My cousin thinks that everything bad that happens in her personal life, is all the other family’s fault. Without a doubt, all teens can learn something from the lesson that the author is trying to get to the reader of how we should never give up on something that we love or care a lot
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