Marlin And Dory In The Hero's Journey

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In the departure portion of the Hero’s Journey, Marlin is called to adventure after his son, Nemo, attends school for the very first time. Nemo decides to disobey his father and swim out into the ocean because his new friends dared him to touch the “butt” of a boat. He touches the boat but is caught by a scuba diver as he is swimming back to his friends. Marlin never refuses the call to save Nemo. He immediately does what is possible to get his son back home. Luckily, while searching for Nemo he meets another fish named Dory, who has short term memory loss. Marlin and Dory encounter three nice sharks who believe that fish are friends and not food. Unfortunately, Marlin fights Dory for a scuba mask and it causes her to get a nosebleed. Bruce,
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