Marlin's Heroic Journey In Finding Nemo

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Finding Nemo, a popular children’s movie, the protagonist Marlin, goes on a heroic journey trying to reunite with his son. As a father, he goes through a lot of obstacles as well as success. Marlin’s greater truth was that he realized how to be a better parent by letting Nemo learn on his own and that he isn’t as weak as he thinks he is. Because this story is told from 2 perspectives, both Marlins and Nemo’s. Nemo has a greater truth as well. Nemo’s greater truth was to always listen to your parent, no matter what, they just want to keep you safe.
The heroic journey follows the story of Marlin, a tiny clown fish who is terrified of everything even his own shadows. Like all other stories, Marlin’s hero’s journey started with his call to adventure. His call to adventure first started by taking Nemo to school, then realized he got captured by a group of divers. At first, Marlin did not know how to react and didn't want to go on this
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Marlin recognizes that there is a difference between overprotective and being an excellent parent. He transformed from an easily frightened clown fish to a fish that is able to go out and do whatever it takes to protect his son Nemo. Marlin also learns that Nemo must learn some life lessons on his own. When the movie had just begun, Marlin did not trust his son and always made decisions for him. Now that he has a more open mind regarding the big decisions in his Nemo’s life they will now have a stronger and everlasting relationship. As the story ran its course, Marlin discovered that by giving his son some freedom overall their relationship would be strengthened. Overall, Marlin’s journey has proved to have made a huge transformation in his life and in his relationship with his son. This truth present in Finding Nemo are universal and are often times truths of other movies and
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