Marlowe And Raleigh's Absences

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The absences in Raleigh 's text is the romance. Marlowe 's text sounds very romantic, even though Raleigh 's does not. They both emphasize the stressing of their love, and what the outcome of their stressing love is. In "Marlowe 's" text the male character states the things he is going to give her. "I will make thee beds of roses" shows that he is a romantic type of man. He is trying his best to get the woman he loves to stay with him, but the girls response is realist. He does not care about his or her comfort, he just wants her to stay with him. Both passages emphasize their love, and how they are stressing over their love. She wants an emotional love, like a love that overcomes her outer beauty rather than her inner beauty. On the other hand, he wants a physical love. He only loves her for her outer beauty, like her body and the way she…show more content…
The difference between Marlowe 's text and Raleigh 's text are that they are offering something different. The man thinks all the love is a physical connection, while the woman thinks the love is an emotional connection. The man is offering the woman a bunch of material things, "Fair lined slippers for the
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