Descriptive Essay-A Personal Ode To Marmite

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A personal ode to Marmite; From the jar, you look like tar but I know the truth about you and that thick black goo I love to eat you on toast the most, with a bit of butter accompanied with a nice hot ‘cuppa’. I have a sneaking suspicion that this food item is something you had to grow up eating to have the palate to enjoy as an adult. There is a definitive love-hate-relationship as I have found taste testing marmite on my American friends and family over the years. Having hauled myself to the grocery store I now have in hand my trophy, this little brown jar with a bright yellow lid. The yellow label marked with a little picture of a casserole pot that is reminiscent of the shape of the jar reads; Marmite, yeast extract, contains B vitamins,…show more content…
I pass the jar over, he takes a big whiff, “Bleh, that smells like barf!” Laughing I take the jar back and inhale deeply, a slightly sweet and salty, perhaps musty smell not too dissimilar from Soy Sauce fills my nostrils. I sniff a few more times pondering if those who love Marmite all enjoy its pungent aroma or do some detest the smell but love the flavor. Peering into the jar, the Marmite itself is untouched, a glossy dark brown substance that looks a little like crude oil; I contemplate sticking my finger in for a taste but decide to wait and enjoy it on some…show more content…
The marmite to me tasting of a salty brown gravy with onion and garlic undertones; bitter and beefy despite it being a vegetarian-friendly spread. Finishing the last bite, I am slightly saddened that my toast is gone; yet happy knowing that I will have a cheese and marmite sandwich for dinner. Indeed, I cannot get enough of Marmite, given the opportunity, I would eat it with two out of three meals a day; fortunately, the cost keeps me reigned in as it is just a treat.
Now, if my description of Marmite has not set you down a path to never taste it and you decide to brave this marvelous spread may I suggest doing so on a slice of toast; heavy on the butter, using a much lighter hand with the Marmite, a small pea size dollop for each slice will do. Doing so perhaps you could be one of the few Americans I have met who can say they enjoy

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