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Marquis De Lafayette

When most people talk about Marquis De Lafayette, you envision a hero of two worlds. He served in the continental army for the American Revolution but also played a major role in the French revolution as a commander of the National Guard. Lafayette became a leader of the liberal aristocrats dubbed the Fayettistes, and an outspoken advocate of religious toleration and the abolition of the slave trade (Leepson, M. 2016, July 15). Nevertheless, Marquis De Lafayette is seen as a revolutionary hero both in the United States and France.
Marquis De Lafayette was born Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roche Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette. He was born to a wealthy family on September 6, 1757, in Chavaniac, France( 2015, December
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At 20 years old with no combat training appointed the Major General of the United States Continental Army. His first combat role under Major General was during September of 1777 at the Battle of Brandywine, during this he was shot in the leg while helping organize a retreat of soldiers. General Washington requested doctors to make sure Lafayette was in his best condition, this ignited a bond a strong bond between the two of them that lasted till Washington 's death (2015, December 21, Marquis de Lafayette.). Following a two month healing period, he was given control of his own…show more content…
He had returned to France at February 1779, working with John Adams and Benjamin Franklin to help persuade King Louis XVI to send additional troops, to help supply the colonists, and naval support (Leepson, M., 2016, July 15). Lafayette was able to postpone the Americans debt to the French Government. During this time Thomas Jefferson, a good friend of Lafayette, arranged a shipment of Houdon 's bust of Lafayette. Two Years later Jefferson bought his own Lafayette Bust by Houdon and it is currently placed in the tea room at Monticello (1996, October, Thomas Jefferson 's Monticello). Thomas Jefferson and Lafayette constructed the infamous Declaration of the Man and of the
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