Marquise Aamon In Demonology

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Marquise Aamon in demonology is a high ranking marquis (Nobleman ranks below a duke) who governs forty infernal legions (80,000). Aamon a grand ruler demon is a grand Marquis of hell showing him as a great ruler. In the Goetia, he is the seventh spirit of the seventy-two trapped by King Solomon. The names Aamon and Amon can be dated back to the god Amun of Ancient Egypt or possibly from the god Baal-Hamon of Carthage. However, Nahum another name for this demon is commonly translated as “One who induces eagerness.” Aamon widely is one of Astaroth assistants. Aamon was understood to be gifted in the past and the future, giving that knowledge to who will convey a pact with him. According to the “Dictionnaire infernal” by Collin de Plancy he carries the title of a prince yet this is the only work that says so. Like several ancient…show more content…
Among the treasure trove of abilities that Aamon is cited to have he is indicated to have immortality, the ability to create life, clairvoyance and possession. He has knowledge of both past and future. Among other talents he can procure love in addition to compromise or reconcile controversies between friends and foes. Aamon is believed when in human form to be bright and radiant accompanied by a proud falcon familiar.
Summoning Aamon: I must first urge a friendly reminder that summoning demons is an atrocious idea. Even if you don’t believe in demons and think this is all a joke. Summoning demons usually involves multiple people; however preforming evocations can be done alone. Keep in mind there are two types of way to work with the energy “Evocation” and “Invocation”.
Evocation represents summoning the entity outside of the operation or a person and is outside of the guided spirit. Invocation, however means taking the spirit into one’ self as they enter the operator’s body. I will not demonstrate how to perform an invocation rather evocation of these
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