Marrakech By George Orwell Analysis

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George Orwell’s “Marrakech” is a non-fictional essay written in the year 1939 that explores the central concerns of the text that were going on within the Moroccan town such as colonialism, racism, oppression and poverty. Orwell describes his time within Marrakech and details the oppression and unfair treatment of the original natives of the land. He very cleverly evokes intense emotions in the reader by opening up his writing to interpretation and in-depth analysis rather than just trying to give a flat out negative opinion which would not have been nearly as effective. Due to this, our appreciation and sympathy towards the text is enhanced and is furthered even more through the use of techniques such as personal anecdote, powerful images and comment and opinion. Firstly, Orwell explores the theme of poverty through the use of imagery and repetition in order to give his writing a very intricate and memorable description. In this first section Orwell…show more content…
This makes the reader feel enraged that white people have so much power over the original people of the land which would have been ideal around the time the essay was constructed as it would allow for more readers (typically white) to turn their guns the other way and realise maybe they are oppressive and unjust towards ethnic groups that are not their own. On the whole, the readers knowledge on oppression within Marrakech is increased through the use of word choice that helps manifest an unforgettable description that really does question the unethical treatment of the original inhabitants situated in the
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