Marriage And Family Therapy Ethics Case Study

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How does one decide if he/she is component as a therapist to treat a client? In beginning to write this paper the assignment called for me to read the Association for Marriage and Family therapy ethics. This allowed me to gain some understanding of what it look like to be component to treat a client. One of the ideas that was mentioned was to make sure that there was training in the area of specialty that would be used in the therapy process. For example a therapist would be unable to utilize play therapy without obtaining the certification and training for play therapy. I feel that obtaining the necessary training, learning how the training would apply and having accountability with other therapist in your field would help with the therapist being able to be competent in treating a client. I also feel that being open to feedback if there was something that may need some additional adjustment to gain competency would help to therapist to build the skills that they have in their tool chest. The feedback from colleagues can enable the therapist to obtain affirmation or other ideas that may work better in the therapy session. I also feel that the therapist should learn the ability to be able to discern when a session may need to be changed from a group session to an individual. I know that this is a…show more content…
I feel that in doing this the therapist is ethically providing another resource for the client to receive services. The therapist should also make sure that the referral is not for discriminatory reasons. I feel that the therapist should provide sound reasoning for the referral to the clients. I feel that this will enable the clients to be more receptive of the referral that they are

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