Marriage And Inter-State Marriages

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Marriage is a universal phenomenon and one of the great events in human life. Marriage migration across region and borders has been pervasive all over the world recently. Massive inter-state movements of both males and females to be spouses have received increasing attention among scholars and policy makers.
The number of inter-state marriages has been steadily growing since 1970s and has witnessed a rapid increase in the flow of inter-state marriage migration, particularly between the Kerala, Karnataka, Haryana and Tamil Nadu. There exist different types of inter-state marriages which commonly called as Haryana marriage, Mysore marriage, Mali Kalyanam and Arabi Kalyanam, etc. and a large number of women migrate to nearest states of Kerala as brides in every year.
Mysore marriages are inter-state marriages among the brides of northern Kerala and bridegrooms from Mysore district of Karnataka state. Dilshad (2014) in his study used the term ‘Mysore Kalyanam’ as the specific type of inter-state marriage in which the brides from poor socio economic background and belong to rural remote areas of northern Kerala are married to bridegrooms who are residents of Mysore (Karnataka State) and demand comparatively lesser dowry.
Over the past few decades thousands of village women from economically deprived northern districts of Kerala have chosen to marry men from Mysore, and migrate to live with their husbands. According to a recent survey conducted by the State Women Commission
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