Marriage Comedy In Twelfth Night And A Midsummer Night's Dream

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As You Like It is a play written by William Shakespeare and is classified as “marriage comedy” together with the plays Twelfth Night and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The list of main characters includes Duke Frederick: the usurper of the throne of Duke Senior which is also his brother; Celia (aka Aliena): the daughter of Duke Frederick; Rosalind (aka Ganymede): the daughter of Duke Senior; Touchstone: the court’s clown; Sons of the late Sir Rowland de Boys (of decreasing age): Oliver, Jaques, Orlando; Adam: a loyal servant to Sir Rowland and his sons; Amiens and Jaques: Lords that are banished with Duke Senior; Corin and Silvius: Sheperds in the forest of Arden; Phebe: a shepherdess Silvius loves; Audrey: a country girl that Touchstone fell in love with. The play starts at de Boys residence when Orlando, the youngest of the siblings started to complain about his oldest brother Oliver not giving him the right education; instead he was being kept at the house and treated like a peasant despite of their station in life as gentlemen. This created conflict between the two and they started fighting. Adam, their trusty servant, stops them. Orlando demanded his right to live as a gentleman or his part of inheritance for him to seek his own fortune. Oliver did not want to grant any of these demands so he plotted to get rid of Orlando by arranging and manipulating him to a wrestling match with the court’s champion Charles. Meanwhile, at the court, Celia was comforting Rosalind which is
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