Changing Gender Roles In Today's Society

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Marriage is a formal or religious ceremony that bonds together the decision of two people to live as a married couple. The relationship involves a man and a wife who have pledged themselves to each other as a husband and a wife. Marriage is legally recognized that is by either community or even church and there is also the marriage act recognized by the courts. Marriage differs from culture to culture but the well-known types of marriage are religious marriage and civil marriage, religious marriages are always recognized and licensed by the state, however; civil marriages are neither sanctioned by the law nor respected but the civil marriage is recognized by the government (Sheriff. & Robert,5).
There are various kinds of marriages; which includes monogamy, polyandry, polygyny and group marriages monogamy is a form of marriage whereby one man marries the woman, the form of marriage is common and found in different societies of the world. Monogamy marriage is crucial as it contributes to peace in the family leading to happiness and also solidarity. The monogamy type of marriage is long lasting and also stable because it is free from conflicts that are experienced in other forms of marriage. In addition,in monogamy it gives better attention to the children socialization
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In today society gender roles have changed, most mothers work household are shared though not shared equally. For instance, in today, a man can assemble the furniture, and women find themselves with the duty of cleaning it.Nevertheless, the marriage type does not determine the duties or roles to be taken by the man or the woman, but the gender roles agreed upon by the two spouses depending on their schedules or even other factors like financial status of a spouse that means the responsibilities are not specified to any gender (Eileen,
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