Marriage In Islam: The Concept Of Marriage And Celibacy

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Introduction What is marriage? It is an institution where two people learn to love and cherish each other and carry on their family lineage by starting a family together. Marriage is a legally binding civil contract. It is a relationship in which both the parties have rights and duties towards each other and if anyone of the parties infringes the right of another or does not fulfill their duties towards another, then they will be held liable for this act. Concept of marriage in Islam Many religions advocate celibacy but, Islam does not. By celibacy it means to abstain from marriage or physical intimacy for religious reasons. Islam does make marriage an obligation but, it also does not allow celibacy. In Islam, it is permissible to not to get married unless the person cannot abstain from physical intimacy. Marriage is known as “Nikah” in Islam and it is a legally binding contract which requires witnesses and consideration which is the dower. Dower is a sum of amount, a property or any lawful thing that a woman demands and is entitled to receive from her husband. Capacity to marry: Not everyone can get married, there are certain conditions that make a person capable to get married. To get married, a Muslim man or woman must: Have reached puberty. Be of sound mind. They must not be a lunatic or a mentally disturbed person. Give their free consent to get married. Types of Muslim marriages: There are three types of marriages in the Mohammedan law, which are

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