Marriage In Jane Austen's 'Pride And Prejudice'

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It goes without saying that marriage plays a big role in one 's life no matter the place or period of time. Nonetheless, the traditions and practices of entering into it have changed over the centuries. A great example of a book that gives us an idea of how society perceived marriage is a widely recognized novel of manners by Jane Austen. However not every character from „Pride and Prejudice” has the same attitude towards it. In this essay I will examine various concepts and ideas on marriage of some of the characters form Jane Austen 's book.
There is no denying that early 19th century 's approach to marriage was based on creating materially beneficial relationship for both husband and wife. Especially for young women, marriage was an only option to have a prosperous life and respect from community they belonged to. It was a case of honour and a chance to safetly settle down and provide oneself a decent future. In the book this kind of attitude was represented especially by Mrs. Bennet, the mother of Bennets sisters. Since the fortune the Bennets owned wasn 't too large, her main goal was to give away her daughters to wealthy gentlemen. She didn 't practically pay attention whether the relationships will bring them happiness or whether they will be established on true feelings of love. For exapmle, she instantly changed her approach to Mr. Darcy after she found out he 's willing to marry Elizabeth thus connecting his prosperity with Bennets '. For Mrs. Bennet it was mainly
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