Marriage In Kate Chopin's Story Of An Hour

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All of mankind should take time and value what we have of our families. With each family, comes a different story of how it came to be, either from love or just the decision of getting into marriage. From the concept of marriage, commitment is involved once each men and women vow to love and protect each other for as long as they shall live, and to uphold said vow comes with having loyalty and respect for one another. Marriage in the 19th century was possibly not the same as of today, but it drew mostly the same concept of how it came to be with the meaning of love between two people. In Kate Chopin’s “Story of an Hour”, Chopin presents a marriage between Louise and Brently Mallard, which takes place around the 19th century. In Chopin’s story, she writes about a woman named Louise that received some horrific news about her husband (Brently Mallard) getting into an accident at a railroad disaster, but he never was killed during the incident. Louise Mallard, a heart-troubled woman, is trying to figure out how to cope with the loss of her husband.1 Unlike how many other couples in the present would react, Louise was in a state of happiness when she received the information of the incident, which had later caused her to die. While Louise also did have her moment of grief from the loss of Brently, there are many reasons why she could’ve felt the means to happy after her losing her husband. The first reason comes from what happens during a marriage in the 19th century, which is
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