Marriage In The Philippines Essay

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Filipinos define marriage as a sacred union or bond between two people who made a promise to one another to share and nourish their lives together, regardless, of whatever situation they may be in. Love is the key ingredient in making a marriage grow and thrive throughout the years. However, if we look at today, marriages have been broken or have been considered to be a mistake countless of times. Thus, paving way to the birth of the lawful ending of one’s marriage called legal separation, divorce and annulment. If we were to describe each one of them, legal separation can be defined as the separation of two persons legally; however, both are still considered to be married, while divorce is the termination of the marriage, thus allowing the…show more content…
Our country only allows annulment and legal separation to separate one from his/her spouse. That includes all the predominantly Catholic countries in the world: Italy, Spain, Poland, Colombia, Mexico and even Vatican—they all permit divorce even if they are 80 percent to 90 percent Catholic. It is proven that countries with divorce are the one who’s richer and has a good economy than the countries that doesn’t allow divorce which is just us in the world. South Korea and Singapore is one of those countries in Asia. Almost two-thirds of civil divorces was initiated by the women to bring the crude rate of divorce in Singapore slightly higher to two from one point nine divorces per thousand residents, according to newly released Statistics on Marriages and Divorces 2011 report from the Department of Statistics Singapore. Meanwhile, the divorce rate in South Korea, during this year, has tripled as compared to 2013. The common reasons of this issue in this country can be varying, such as the lack of mental compatibility, lesser mutual interactions, no babies, and sometimes the jobless men are left by their wives because they have failed to run the families properly which lead them get separated. Yet, they are both considered one of the richest countries and have the highest economies in the

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