Marriage In The Romantic Period

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The overall view of marriage is about love and the union of two people deciding to spend rest of their life together. The way that we view the meaning of love is a complete difference compared to the idea of love during Romantic period. Love as in today’s world is to have a strong affection literally from our heart towards someone you find irresistible despite looking at his or her background. Definition of love and marriage during Romantic period is mainly to deal with money and power. According to Kalpakgian (2012), Romantic period people view marriage as social benefits and for an image of respectability. The value of marriage and love in Romantic period is different and not acceptable because it is all about money, power and social status and the value of marriage, which is an outcome of love during Romantic period, is disagreeable for today’s era.
Idea of Romantic love was acceptable and pleasant during Romantic period but for today’s era it is definitely not suitable and it is unpleasant. In “Pride and Prejudice” the way Mrs. Bennet emotionally blackmails her second eldest daughter Elizabeth, who disapproved the marriage proposal from her imbecilic cousin Mr. Collins shows, how a mother can have the right to force beyond her daughters will, which is not acceptable in today’s era. Every individual has the right to freedom to choose his or her life partner. The marriage should come with love not with wealth and fame.
Social gathering is the most often celebrated in
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