Marriage Now Vs The 1300s Essay

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What is marriage? Marriage is a beautiful occurrence that takes place in most people’s lifetimes. It is an indescribable moment full of love, energy, and happiness. It is a start of something truly beautiful and inspiring. This holy matrimony is a moment you share with not only your partner, but your loving friends and family. The tradition of marriage has always been considered a sacred blessing, but as just as the world has grown and changed, so has the people’s belief in what marriage should be about. Since then, what was considered ordinary in the fourteenth century may be known as primitive or fossilized now. With that, marriage now versus the 1300’s has several differences that show the changes of people 's beliefs in the “standards” when it comes to marriage. To start off, a major difference between now and the 1300’s would be the people you are legally able to marry. Unlike today, one would most likely marry the opposite sex that is in the same social class as them. However, marriage now-a-days can be with any gender and any social class. This also is affected by…show more content…
The bride and groom, usually, invite their parents and close friends to witness the initial marriage and reception. However, , in the fourteenth century they and a small or no ceremony with family at all. For example, Romeo and Juliet were married in the private corridors or Friar Laurence, but if she were to marry Paris, the Capulet family would be the one’s witnessing the wedding. Another contrast would be the clothes they wear in the ceremony. In modern times, the most common dress is a white wedding gown with or without a veil while their partner would usually wear some type of tuxedo. On the other hand, people in the middle ages would wear their best looking everyday clothing; a dress for the women, and a nice top and trousers for the male. Another contrast would be the age at which they
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