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1. Founder of the company/organization John Willard Marriott is the founder of Marriott Hotels and Resorts. He is an American entrepreneur of 20th century who started in food service and in the end opened a hotel chain. He was born on September 17, in Utah. He was start his business with opening an A&W root beer shop in 1927, Washington D.C. After then he also launched the Hot Shoppe eateries (Appendix 1). Finally, he became the head of National Restaurant Association, and simultaneously opened the first of the Marriott Hotels in 1959. J W Marriott bought Host International in 1982. In 1990s, the companies which he built became two huge entities which are Host Marriott Corporation and Marriott International. Nowadays, the Host Marriott Corporation…show more content…
According to a hotel brand study developed by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), in 2013, Marriott hotels and resorts ranked high on the chart of customer satisfaction survey (Appendix 2). Moreover, Marriott’s loyalty and rewards program gave the most satisfaction to their customers. The loyalty and rewards program received more good reviews from the guests as compared to other competitive programs such as Hilton Hhonors and Hyatt Gold Passport (Appendix 3). Marriott hotels and resorts have offered many benefits to people who join with them. For examples, the members can enjoy free in-room Wi-Fi, earn points or airline miles, use free hotel stay, etc. Especially, our group had visited and searched the Singapore Marriott Hotel to get an information about factors of the hotel’s customer satisfaction. Singapore Marriott Hotel received excellent reviews from their guest (Appendix 4). Many guests said the Singapore Marriott Hotel is excellent because of good location, excellent foods and dishes, good staffs, and well-maintained…show more content…
We pursue excellence. We embrace change. We act with integrity. We serve our world. “We put people first”, this is one of the John Willard Marriott’s philosophies. It has made Marriott corporations as a great work place. Marriott corporations have continued to earn awards and recognition due to their people first culture. “We pursue excellence”, Marriott corporations do everything for their customers. They always offer excellent customer service. “Good food and good service at a fair price.” (, 2017) was their original business goal. “We embrace change”, innovation always has been included in the Marriott story. They continue to challenge and prepare for their customers’ changing needs. “We act with integrity”, they never reach a compromise with ethical and legal standards. “We serve our world”, Marriott organizations focus on supporting and serving the communities where they live. They usually pay attention to the five social issues: poverty alleviation, development of community workforce, the wellbeing of children, the environment, and global diversity and

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