Marriott Organizational Structure

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Introduction: Marriott International Inc. - Marriott International, Inc. is one of the top leading hospitality company in the world. J. Willard and Alice Marriott were the founder of the company. From past 80 years, it has always been looked under the guidance of Marriott family. The headquarter of the company is situated in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. The company revenue for fiscal year 2013 was estimated to be $13 billion dollars. The company has more than 3,900 properties, 18 brands and various franchised properties around the world. Organization context & Structure of Marriott International Inc. The Organisational structure depicts departmentalization in terms of function. Further General Managers, Department Managers, Supervisors and associates …show more content…

Culture and Values: The enduring core values are: a. Put people first : Take care of the associates and they will take care of the customers b. Pursue excellence: Take pride in the details- everyday, in every destination worldwide c. Embrace change: Innovation has always been a part of the Marriott …show more content…

Loyalty b. Profitability c. Growth Organization Strategy of Marriott International Inc. Marriott is a worldwide franchiser and operator of hotels .They have unique competency in their business. They used various strategies which made them distinctive from other players of hospitality. Differentiation Strategy: - It includes developing new products & services which satisfies customer needs, they offer much more values than their competitors. They differentiated the segment according to the customers. They provide multiple customer segments which includes moderately priced to premium priced customers for example: 1. Bulgaria resorts & hotels (The Ritz Carlton) - Target segment:-Luxury guest. 2. Autograph collection – Target segment: - Upper –upscale guest. 3. Signature (Marriott resorts & hotels) - Upper Middle class segment. 4. Extended stay (Residence Inn) - Especially for those who want to stay more than 5 days. 5. Select service- (Courtyard by Marriott) – Target segment – Middle class

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