Marry Richmond Case Study

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Assignment on History and perspective

Marry Ellen Richmond

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Marry Richmond is known for the foundation of professional social work. Her researches on social work style given a new dimension and known as social case work management. Marry Richmond is well known for her ability of community organization, teaching and speaking on wide areas of subject. It was Richmond who given systematic and methodology for the diagnosis of problems faced by poor families. Marry Richmond focused on the principle that care should be given by understanding and evaluating the interval situation of an individual.
On the basis of extensive
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She has received early schooling up to age of eleven year in her home because her grandmother and her aunts at that time didn’t believed in traditional educational system. She went to public school at the age of eleven year; due to her home based schooling she was lacking social interaction or relationships. So, she used to spent her most of the time in reading literatures. She graduated from high school at the age of sixteen years and moved to New York with one the aunt. There she got a job in publishing house; the role she performed was clerk and mechanical tasks. She lived a difficult life with working 12hours a day, soon her aunt became ill and aunt returned back to Baltimore leaving Richmond on her own at the age of seventeen years. Living in poor condition for two years in New York she returned to Baltimore, where she worked for several years as a book keeper. During this period she became involved with Unitarian church and developed her social skills as she met new friends there, in year 1888, she applied for job as assistant treasurer with the charity organization society (COS). (richmond mary)

Richmond`s source of inspiration

As marry Richmond brought up in care of her grandmother and her aunts, her grandmother was an active women suffragist; she was spiritualist and radical, the environment of her family given her ideas of social work. As she grew up by listening the discussion
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The focus was on the cause of situations and environment which surrounds needy one, helpless poor. Social theory widely used for the helping the poor and children, widows. A structural content and methods were used were used for helping the poor and this laid social work into professional social work and her researches from social diagnosis given the case management and principles for assessing the needs of poor’s. (richmond mary)

Impact of Richmond`s works in present scenario

Marry Richmond given the insight into nature of social work she presented best definition of social work. The most famous one is “social case work consist of those process which develop personality through adjustments consciously effected, individual by individual between men and the social environment. Richmond has given first rational and systemic approach to the analysis of individual social situation, the principle and ideas of Richmond now utilized extensively by the professional social workers for the diagnosis and assessment of needs to the poor peoples. (richmond
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